University And Schooling In Cyprus

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Although expat children are able to attend public schools in Cyprus for free, many parents find the language barrier to be an obstacle. That’s why most expats living in Cyprus, particularly those whose first language is English, prefer to send their children to private international schools. This ensures that their children are surrounded by peers who speak the same language. Private schools also offer a wider range of extra-curricular activites for students to be involved in.

Private schools can be found in all of Cyprus’s major cities, however, it is important to note that the curriculum taught and the standards held at different schools vary significantly.

SilverCloud International will help you find the best school or University for your child in Cyprus.

An Exceptional Place to Attend University

One of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, Cyprus offers nearly everything you’d expect and hope for in that region. Good food, great beaches, and some super complicated territory disputes! But, fear not. The people of Cyprus have a global reputation for hospitality, warmth, and sharing food with neighbours.

You may have glanced over Cyprus in your search for education options. But, when you’re seeking a place to pursue your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, Cyprus would be an interesting place to start studying. You can find university programmes, and some excellent history, making your university and educational experience wildly enriching.

Here Are Some Of The Schools We can Help You With


Heritage School in Limassol

Aspire School in Paphos

TLC Private School in Paphos

Grammar School in Nicosia / Larnaca / Limassol

Pascal School in Larnaca

American Academy in Larnaca and Nicosia


Fredericks University in Limassol

University of Nicosia

American University in Larnaca and Nicosia

European University of Nicosia

UCLan University in Pyla, Larnaca