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Cyprus Residency By Investment

Cyprus Permanent Residency Program offers an amazing opportunity for those who acquire property on the Island to establish a Mediterranean home and become a resident in Cyprus.

Why should you invest in Cyprus? Here’s why – both you and your family can freely live in Cyprus, gain access to the advanced health care and educational system, and even engage in business. Cyprus permit holders have the right to own and start a business in Cyprus or establish a Cyprus company as an intermediary for export trading throughout the world, benefiting from Cyprus’ excellent business and tax advantages

Permanent Residency Benefits

Home to two international airports and situated at the crossroads of three continents, Cyprus is also a superb base for travelling throughout Europe and the wider world. A permit holder can even obtain a Schengen visa within just one week.

The island offers excellent education opportunities – thus streamlining children’s access to the best universities worldwide – superb healthcare, and a bounty of leisure facilities. And most attractive of all, permits obtained are valid forever, even after children are no longer dependent, with permanent residency also extending the right to apply for EU citizenship after seven years.

Cyprus permanent residency offers your family the freedom to live freely in the EU and to travel with ease, it provides access to excellent education and healthcare, or simply offers an insurance policy for an uncertain future.

2 Months Time To Permanent Residency

Only 7 Years To Receive Citizenship

1 Day Every 2 Years Residency Requirement

All Nationalities Eligible To Apply

There Are No Global Tax Consequences

Family Investor, Spouse, Dependents Up To Age 25

Simple Process, No Medical Exam Or Interview

Residency Approval Rate 100%

The Cyprus Permanent Residency Program

The Cyprus Residency Program is a simple mode of investment that serves to redefine freedom of movement, permitting unlimited access to an EU member state boasting a robust business sphere, and supreme quality of life.

All that is required to secure guaranteed permanent residency in Cyprus is a single real estate investment of €300,000.

Permanent residency and its associated bountiful benefits are extended to the purchaser, his or her spouse, dependent children up to the age of 25, adult children over the age of 25 provided they have studied in Cyprus, and even the applicant and spouse’s parents. Unique to Cyprus, permits successfully issued are valid indefinitely.

The Cyprus program is unique in that once the permits are obtained they are valid forever, even after the children are no longer dependent.

“Permanent residency offers your family the freedom to live freely in the EU and to travel with ease, it provides access to excellent education and healthcare, or simply offers an insurance policy for an uncertain future!”

The Cyprus Investment Residency Program is About Empowerment

SilverCloud International is in possession of a vast and varied portfolio of property, supported by a rich knowledge base pertaining to the wider real estate market in Cyprus, and the permanent residency program.

Sheer confidence in the program’s success rate drives us forward in collaborating with our clients to this end, so much so, in fact, that we offer full reimbursement should permits for Cyprus permanent residency by buying property not be received within a two-month period.*

Furthermore, within SilverCloud’s embrace is a strong collection of services pertaining to property, thus helping to secure an applicant’s investment, in terms of maintenance and upkeep, holiday and long-term rental services, and more.

Supported by our 100% approval rate history, we aspire to empower our clients to take charge of their futures, redefining the possibilities and opportunities in the wider landscape of their lives.

*terms and conditions apply

Cyprus Permanent Residency with SilverCloud Int

The Permanent Residency Process

Cyprus is, undeniably, one of the hottest and most popular destinations in the investment immigration world. SilverCloud International has the experience, professional skill and personal service that will simplify the investment process for your residency property in Cyprus.


Step 1: Purchase a Property

The Investor must purchase a property of €300 000
(net of vat) value in Cyprus.

Step 2: Submit An Application

To the Civil Registry and Migration Department
or to the District offices personally, through post or
through a representative. The presence of the
applicants isn’t necessary, as the paperwork
can be undertaken by a lawyer.

Step 3: Ministry of The Interior Feedback

The Ministry of the Interior will inform
the Applicant through the Civil Registry and Migration
Department of their decision within 2 months.

Step 4: Application Examined

The application will be examined by the Civil Registry and Migration Department. Personal interviews are usually not necessary for this category of permit.

Step 5: Approval Granted

Once the approval has been granted, the applicant
must visit Cyprus within one year to obtain the
actual permit card.

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