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SilverCloud International specializes in residency and investment properties in Cyprus. Our clients are mostly foreigners and entrepreneurs – discerning individuals who are looking for a Plan B, a better standard of living and security for their family; excellent Secondary and Tertiary education for their children; great cuisine; 300 days of sunshine a year; many outdoor activities such as golf courses and water sport; easy access to Europe the Middle East and Africa.

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SilverCloud is staffed by exceptional people that have the necessary creativity and passion to guarantee that you find your perfect property in Cyprus today. Plus we also have in-depth knowledge of the island.

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We keep our customers informed and updated along the way. SilverCloud is reliable and efficient and offer the best services. Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions, and deliver exceptional results.

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New developments, Villas, Apartments, Student Accommodation, Renovations; Property management, Permanent Residency, registration of Cyprus Offshore Companies, Trusts and more….

Why Cyprus?

Renowned for its natural beauty, modern infrastructure and quality of life, the beautiful island of Cyprus is an important hub in the heart of the Mediterranean. Located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, Cyprus is diverse, culturally rich and perfectly placed for working and traveling within and beyond the European Union. Cyprus boasts a rapidly growing economy because of a surge in shipping, tourism, legal and financial services sectors. Cyprus has also seen massive growth in foreign investments, infrastructure, developments, property, and investment values.

In short, Cyprus boasts a rich and diverse culture, a mild Mediterranean climate, a safe and politically stable setting that is perfect for raising families, and an ideal location for business and traveling.


Safest Country in the World to live in


Ranked fifth best place to relocate to globally


Ranked 20 out of 157 in the Index of Economic Freedom


Worldwide Quality of life Index out of 111 countries

More Reasons To Love Cyprus


Cyprus enjoys sunshine 320 plus days a year with long dry summers and mild winters. One of the warmest European climates, temperatures typically range from 12 to 34.


Cyprus is among the top five nations when it comes to safety. In terms of safety, Cyprus is on par with countries like Singapore, Switzerland, Japan and Spain.


Cyprus has invested its riches in a high-quality European education system, with affordable university tuition costs and plenty of facilities and benefits.


A politically stable open economy with strong investor confidence that has made Cyprus one of the fastest growing and stable economies of the EU.


European country lifestyle similar to South Africa with the added benefit of Mediterranean beaches, inland mountains and quick, easy travel to three continents.


There is almost no language barrier for South Africans moving to or living in Cyprus because of the widespread use of English throughout the island.

Permanent Residency In Cyprus

Attracting foreign direct investment is at the heart of the Cypriot Government’s development strategy. In line with this policy, the government has introduced a program to enable foreign nationals to invest in the Cyprus economy and obtain Permanent Resident Permits (PRP) – through investment in Cyprus.

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Cyprus Residency Through Property Investment

Cyprus – the hottest destination in investment immigration!

Cyprus is, undeniably, one of the hottest and most popular destinations in the investment immigration world. SilverCloud International has the experience, professional skills and personal service that will simplify the investment process for your residency property in Cyprus. Here are just some of the many reasons to consider residency through property investment…

  • Buying a property in Cyprus that offers you permanent residency can be your plan “B”.
  • There are no language barriers when buying a property in Cyprus for permanent residency.
  • Residency offered in Cyprus is PERMANENT.
  • Permanent Residency holders must visit Cyprus once every two years to maintain their status.
  • Investing in a residency program in Cyprus will secure your family’s future by protecting against political risk and economic instability
  • A Permanent Residence Permit (Immigration Permit) will be granted to non-EU nationals, their spouse, dependent children under 25 years old.
  • Buying a property in Cyprus not only offers you permanent residency , but also a European country lifestyle similar to South Africa.
  • To maintain your permanent residency in Cyprus there is no need to reside on the island, but you must visit the island once every two years.

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How Can We Help You?

Business And Financial Services

SilverCloud International offers their clients a wide range of professional, value added financial services. These include insurance services,
company formations, auditing and legal services. Whether working with our In-House Team or trusted network of
outsourced Service Providers, we have exceptional people that have the necessary creativity and passion to guarantee
that you receive the financial services that you need.

Our strategy and success is founded on the strong personal relationships we establish with our clients. We initiate
each relationship by understanding your business and needs, before outlining ways of securing your interests! Enabled by
a culture of professionalism, continual improvement and focus on operational excellence, we work seamlessly with our clients for the long-term.

Cyprus Company Formations

SilverCloud International works with an experienced, qualified team of professionals who have formed and managed Cyprus entities for many years. Formation of new Cyprus companies can be customized to your unique, specific needs, in particular through drafting of complex legal provisions into Memorandum and Articles of Association or drafting of specific shareholder contracts or other agreements in order to reflect specific arrangements between the principal owners and controllers of the new company in Cyprus.

Insurance And Banking

We are a full-service firm led by seasoned professionals and can offer you a broad spectrum of business services such as insurance, tax, business and financial advisory, and bookkeeping to individuals and businesses operating in diverse industries.

SilverCloud International also has a longstanding relationship with Julius Baer in Switzerland and it is strongly recommended that we assist with bank introductions and the preparation and submission of the necessary documentation.

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Jane Doe

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